7 Ways to Make Sharing the Bathroom More Fun

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You live together, eat together and sleep next to each other but somehow those annoying bathroom habits can cause the most arguments! Do you find yourself bickering over who used the last bit of loo roll? Throwing tantrums over the towels? We have eight tips and tricks to make your bathroom a more serene place for you both to share in peace (hopefully!).



double sink vanity unit

1. Double sinks = no more 'double trouble'

Start your day on a positive note with two sinks. Although this may seem a luxurious ask, it’s actually very achievable. Take a look at our Sutton Countertop Vanity Unit & Double Basin for example. It's ideal for when you want to get into bed or out of the door as quickly as possible, allowing you both to use the bathroom together.

Plus, with two built in drawers and plenty of storage underneath, there's plenty of room for both of you to store your bathroom essentials. Simply choose a side and a drawer each for fuss free teeth brushing, shaving and anything else you use a sink for!  


light up bathroom mirrors with storage

2. Illuminated mirrors = see yourselves in a new light

Imagine this - you’re both in a rush to get to work on time, you both need to use the bathroom but there’s only one mirror… If the thought of that made you feel a bit annoyed already, don’t worry. The solution is simple – two mirrors! And it doesn’t stop there.

How about two mirrors that also have storage? And somewhere to charge your shaver? Bluetooth speaker - no problem! And did we mention the mirrors light up? Perfect for doing your makeup whilst he has a shave or vice versa!

White modern freestanding bath tub

3. Freestanding baths = easily unwind together

A bath is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and leave the stress of the day behind. If you fancy sharing that experience with your other half, we recommend a big bath full of bubbles – more specifically our Caitlyn freestanding bath.

This bath in particular is double ended so you can both enjoy a bath without the taps interfering. All you need now is a glass (or a bottle) of wine, candles and some time set aside for a good old catch up.


two basket shower caddy

4. Organising your shower = no more excuses

If your other half uses the ‘I didn’t know which shampoo/conditioner/body wash/razor was mine excuse, you’re in need of some shower baskets. Simply pop one in your shower and assign one basket per person.  

Your partner will have no excuse and your shower will always be neat and tidy. We recommend our very own 2 Tier Shower Basket.


chrome modern towel ring

5. Tidy towels = no more nagging

Are you always bugging your partner to pick their towels up off the floor? Do they pretend to listen but actually ignore you? You are in need of a towel ring!

This simple addition to your bathroom should make a world of difference. All they literally need to do is hang their towel on your new, wonderful ring and voila – big smiles all round! 


toothbrush holder tumbler

6. Toothbrush holders = no more mess

This one may sound obvious, but it’s still pretty genius. If your other half has a tendency to leave the lid off the toothpaste, dump their toothbrush in awkward places or somehow manages to get toothpaste everywhere – toothbrush holders are a great idea. Simple, but it works!


traditional grey bathroom vanity units

7. Your own storage space = bathroom harmony

If you’re an organised person, there’s nothing better than having a space for all of your bathroom essentials.  And if you’re not – there’s no better way to hide away the things that would otherwise make your bathroom really messy!

A match made in Heaven, there are bathroom vanity units and storage cabinets to suit your personal style and your personal bathroom – all that’s left to do is to agree on which you like best!

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