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Here at soak.com our mission - every single day - is to make your dreams happen.

Sounds like a big idea, but the way we turn those dreams into reality is by making the process as personal and painless as possible.

First, we treat you like a human being, not a robot.

We understand that you want uncompromising value, quality and service. You also want us to cut through the trade jargon, and keep it simple for you by being at the same time knowledgeable and down to earth - because you're on a journey that really matters. So we take time out with you to understand exactly what you want without over-complicating the process.

And we like nothing more than to exceed your expectations.

So who are we?

We've been a leading online bathroom retailer for several years now, operating from a buzzing HQ in Nuneaton and enjoying a top class reputation underlined by numerous UK awards such as 2012 National Online Business of the Year winner.

Our ethos has always focused on being passionate about offering quality for competitive prices.

We chose soak.com because - quite rightly - it's a name that sets us apart from the competition. Because not only do we strive to give you the confidence to make your dreams happen, we aim to inspire those dreams in the first place by providing on-trend style ideas through our regular blog and up-to-the-minute social media posts

We totally get that you want us to help you recreate the perfect bathroom you fell for in that fabulous hotel you visited or in the pages of a glossy magazine - and we happily accept that challenge! In fact we take pride in giving you the confidence to make your dreams happen.

So whether you're looking for traditional style and glamour or contemporary wow, we promise you exquisite quality combined with unbeatable value on a vast range of sleek and sophisticated taps, basins, showers, radiators, bathroom furniture, baths, shower enclosures and toilets. What's more, our vast warehousing facility means we can make it happen for you right now.

And what about the elephant in the room?

Ah yes, the green elephant. The last thing we want is to get all deep and meaningful about this, but our aim was to find a logo that represents the qualities we hope you find in us - wisdom, support and strength. And do you know of any other animal that enjoys a bath at the end of a long hard day quite so much?!

An elephant never forgets of course - and that's also part of our commitment to you, responding to the things you ask for and leaving you at the end of the journey (maybe in a sumptuous steaming bath) musing: "Those soak.com people aren't half bad you know..!"

Greener than you think...

We're probably greener than you think too. Working in association with complydirect.com, we ensure that you can recycle our packaging. If you're not already recycling, you can check out their website to see how easy it is to make a difference to your environment by recycling.