7 Basins That Will Perk Up Your Bathroom!

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From modern basins and wall hung basins to double basins – there’s one out there that is just waiting to slot into your bathroom. We talk you through some of our favourites so come and have a read!

600mm Melbourne Earl Grey Stone Countertop Unit & Camila Basin - Floor Standing

1. Searching for a countertop basin? Meet our Camila Countertop Basin!


Our Camila Countertop Basin is a true beauty. Countertop basins are great for those who prefer a more modern basin in comparison to a traditional basin. What we love about countertop basins is that they create a real feature in your bathroom without too much effort. Countertop basins are also pretty luxurious – they remind us of fancy spas and top-end hotel bathrooms! We’ve paired our Camila Countertop Basin with our Melbourne Unit too, so that you can have an integrated solution – which saves time and money.

800mm Denver II Gloss Grey Countertop Unit and Elisa Basin - Floor Standing

2. Looking for a versatile basin? Say hello to our Denver II Gloss Grey Countertop Unit and Elisa Basin...


Our Elisa Basin is a versatile piece! Although it has been inspired by the beauty of a Belfast Sink and therefore has traditional design elements, we’ve given it a modern twist. For example, pairing it with a modern tap and a traditional piece of bathroom furniture allows it to fit in with both modern bathrooms and traditional bathrooms. The choice is up to you! But she’ll look gorgeous either way…

600mm Arden Gloss Black Blue Vanity Unit - Wall Hung

3. After a trend piece? Take a peek at our Wall Hung Arden Gloss Black Blue Vanity Unit!


Now we’re really getting stuck in… Our Arden vanity basin is a real winner. Not only is the colour absolutely gorgeous, but it includes a basin too! A great benefit of wall hung basins and wall mounted basins is that they free up floor space in your bathroom so that you can maximise the space you have without compromising on style. We’ll take ten please!

Iker Wall Hung Glass Basin & Matte Black Steel Frame - 800mm

4. Want to make a statement? Choose our Iker Wall Hung Glass Basin.


If you’re looking to make a statement with a wall hung basin, our Iker Wall Hung Glass Basin is the way to go. Not only is it aesthetically stunning, it has plenty of useful features. The matte black, powder coated rails are perfect for hanging your towels over without taking up any extra space – the beauty of wall hung basins! This simple, yet striking, modern wash basin contrasts white and black beautifully and is definitely different to your average vanity basin. To top it all off, it also includes a black bottle trap and a black waste.

Rita Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin - Small

5. Have a cloakroom? Our Rita Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin is a smart choice!


If you have a small space, such as an ensuite bathroom or a cloakroom bathroom, then a cloakroom basin is the perfect space saving solution – which is where we introduce our Rita Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin! Not only is Rita functional, but the smart square shape and the high gloss finish make this modern basin a designer inspired piece. This cloakroom basin also comes provided with a predrilled tap and waste hole for added convenience – what’s not to love?

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6. Fancy something different? Introducing our Denver Peppermint Green Cloakroom Vanity Unit...


Now, we don’t mean to brag but we’ve really hit the nail on the head with this gorgeous vanity unit. Inspired by the popular pastel trend, this modern basin sits proudly on our Denver Peppermint Vanity Unit. Pair a stunning matte peppermint green finish with plenty of storage for all your bathroom essentials, and you’ve got a standout piece of furniture that suits all of your needs. If you don’t quite fancy a modern basin that’s very peppermint, we’ve also created a matte blue version. You can’t say we don’t spoil you!

Sutton Countertop Vanity Unit and Double Puro Basin

7. In need of a double basin? Then go for our Sutton Countertop Vanity Unit and Double Puro Basin!


Now we’re onto the big boys! If space isn’t really an issue when it comes to incorporating a basin into your bathroom, then we definitely recommend a double basin… Say hello to our Sutton Countertop Vanity Unit and Double Puro Basin! If you have a partner who makes it impossible to share one basin, then maybe you suggest a double basin instead – you’ll both feel the benefits of having your own bit of space (and it may save those early morning arguments too!) The drawers and shelves provide you with plenty of storage space for your bathroom essentials too – so no worries there! Our Puro basin is also the perfect pairing as it has been crafted from a high quality ceramic which results in a premium finish.


Which basin is the one for me?

Now you’ve seen some of our favourites, you may be experiencing basin envy. But that’s okay! We have plenty more countertop basins, wall hung basins, double basins and modern basins for you to choose from. All you need to do is click that cute little button below!