Bathroom storage options


Bathroom furniture dos and don’ts

In years gone by, buying a new bathroom suite was simple. You bought a bath, a toilet and a basin. Done!.

Now of course things are much more complicated. Perhaps you need a shower enclosure instead of a bath – or a combination bath and shower cubicle. But you can also expand beyond the simple basin into the world of bathroom furniture – combining a sink with storage to create a vanity unit.

But what are the things to look out for – and avoid – when buying bathroom furniture? Here are ten do’s and don’ts to guide you on your way.


Bathroom Dos

Match your taps and other fittings. Often you can buy a basin cabinet that at first glance looks different to the rest of your suite. But tying other elements together will subtly give your bathroom a consistent feel. You could also look at buying a matching toilet unit, tall storage unit or bath panel.

  • Check the size carefully. Make sure that the basin unit will fit comfortably in your space – and have room for the items you want to store in it. All too often units are delivered and won’t fit in the corner where they’re needed!


  • Decide: floor-standing or wall-hung. Wall hung units are very popular thanks to the clean lines they bring to any room, showing off your flooring. This helps give any room a greater sense of space. But they will reduce available storage, especially because the basin pipework and trap are also hidden within the cabinet.


  • Think ‘practical’. A counter-top sink can look visually stunning in any room, but might take more looking after in a busy family bathroom compare with a sophisticated adult home. You could find there’s more splashing, for example so you’ll need to have the surrounding area well tiled. You might find instead that a ceramic topped unit will better withstand frequent use or heavy-handed youngsters.


  • Browse the colour options. One of the real advantages of bathroom furniture is that it brings a new dimension of colour to a suite that’s traditionally white. And there are plenty of options to choose from. There’s cream of course, and grey, but black is becoming increasingly popular, joining the many different styles of wood. It doesn’t stop there – take a look at blue, green or pink!


Bathroom Don'ts

  • Forget a mirror or mirrored cabinet. Every bathroom needs a good mirror – and there are many available with built in LED lighting too. A mirrored cabinet will further boost bathroom storage space.


  • Overspend. Some bathroom furniture units can be pricey – and cost isn’t always a sign of quality. Make sure you compare features and materials as well as price before you buy.


  • Overlook traditional furniture. You don’t have to buy special bathroom furniture – in fact many stylish bathrooms feature shelving or cupboards that would look equally at home in a bedroom or living space. Our Melbourne Tallboy is a great example of this kind of piece. Or, if you have the space, add an occasional table, a chair or even a sculpture.


  • Forget about cloakroom units. If you’re limited on space, a cloakroom unit – or combined vanity unit - can provide a perfect solution. It consists of a toilet, basin and storage in a single unit. Easy installation, easy cleaning, easy life! They’re not exclusively for small spaces either; they can look just as effective in a larger bathroom too.


  • Scrimp on taps. The right tap is an important choice for any basin or vanity unit. Not only should it match your bathroom style – traditional vs contemporary – but it must meet your needs. Bear in mind that a counter-top basin will need an extra-height tap to reach up from the washstand. With other styles make sure that there won’t be too much of a splash-effect when you use it, and that it matches other fittings in your bathroom.


Bathroom furniture is a big hit – there are perfect options for every bathroom: from an en-suite to a luxurious shower room. Whether you’re seeking super storage or a high end designer look, there’s a furniture style to suit you.