A Guide to Getting the Best Black Friday Deals in Ireland

We really love bringing you our best Ireland Black Friday deals and after how well our last Black Friday offers went down throughout Ireland, we can’t wait for the next one!

Customers in Ireland received huge discounts on bathroom items including radiators, heated towel rails, baths, showers and shower enclosures, taps, basins and a whole host of bathroom furniture including bathroom vanity units and cabinets.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, looking for bathroom inspiration or designs, or simply need a new bath, shower or tap set, you can sign up to be amongst the first to know about 2019’s Ireland Black Friday bathroom deals below. No need to thank us, we just want to make sure you don’t miss out!

What to expect in Ireland for Black Friday 2018


1. Get ahead of the game

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2. Have a browse!

Have a look on ie.soak.com at an unpanicked, leisurely pace to have a look at all the wonderful products we have on offer. In our opinion, you need to know exactly what you have to choose from before the Black Friday madness happens.


3. Save to your basket

While you’re inching through ie.soak.com, go ahead and add all of your favourite products to your basket. As you’ve done that, it makes it easier for you to go straight to your favourite products when our Black Friday deals go live!


4. get ready...

As the professionals that we are, go and get yourself an early night sleep and set your alarm for the big day. You need to be rested and focused! This is Black Friday after all…


5. Get Set...

Pour yourself your favourite drink, get your payment ready and make sure there is no one around you to distract you – this is serious business, people! We also won’t judge if you partake in a few stretches and breathing exercises too.


6. Go!

Go, go, go! There’s nothing else to prep you here on out, you’re on your own partner. We wish you luck! Now go and grab those Black Friday savings while you can…

Where to find the best Black Friday bathroom deals

Find the best Black Friday bathroom deals at ie.soak.com of course! We’ve got loads on offer but we fancy showing you a few ahead of time…

Prep for the black friday madness

Black Friday has a complex history before it settled into how we know it today. We’ll keep it short and sweet as it’s actually pretty interesting!

We all know it’s linked to dates around Thanksgiving, more specifically the day after, but when did it all start? The answer to that is the late 19th century (although it wasn’t official until 1941 when congress got involved and passed a law that Thanksgiving was always the fourth Thursday in November.)

It was actually The New York Times who first coined Black Friday in 1870 when discussing the day the gold market had collapsed. Authorities used the term to describe the madness that shoppers caused, from queuing to traffic! So, in simple terms, it has a long and vague history but ultimately describes shopping activity after Thanksgiving. Phew…

Black Friday in Ireland is still pretty new and fresh with it only gaining popularity around 2014. Ireland has definitely made up for being late to the party though as you are starting to see deals in both retail stores and throughout ecommerce.