Easy Bathroom Transformation Ideas

With Helen Powell of Design Hunter

Average Reading Time: 4 Minutes

While most of us dream of installing a new bathroom complete with a new suite, taps, tiling, lighting and storage units, sometimes it’s just not quite the right time to get the builders in for a complete makeover. Until then, it is possible to give your bathroom a quick and easy refresh and make it feel a bit more loved. Here are some easy bathroom transformation ideas that will help give a tired space a more stylish feel.


Declutter and deep clean!

Before you start making any changes, put any unnecessary items away and give your bathroom a really good clean. Bathrooms are high use environments and over time they inevitably start to show the effects of our daily rituals. By tidying up, removing lime scale deposits from around the taps and shower fittings, rewhitening ageing tile grout and generally giving everything a really good scrub, you’ll be able to appreciate what you’ve actually got to work with. Often a good clean will also reinvigorate your attitude towards your bathroom and will spur you on to make a few more transformational changes.



Repaint the walls

It’s an obvious and relatively easy transformation for any room (but perhaps even more so in the bathroom) but a fresh coat of paint will certainly enhance the feeling of cleanliness. If you’re stuck for ideas, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on social media sites like Pinterest for all would-be painters and decorators out there. Don’t forget to use bathroom friendly paint! Also, remember the basics of colour theory before you start painting – essentially lighter colours will make a small room feel bigger, while darker ones tend to create a more dramatic and intimate space.


It’s amazing how smaller items like a new towel rail, toilet brush, or even a new soap dispenser can help transform the visual look and feel of your bathroom. Showcase these new additions by storing away other objects such as toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles and cleaning products in nearby storage units.

Inject some plant life

Plants can help to inject life into what can sometimes feel like a rather functional space. Don’t forget to choose plants appropriately, such as moisture-loving ferns, orchids or light loving windowsill varieties. Complete the look with stylish plant pots that match your interior scheme.

Add fresh textiles

Bathroom textiles, especially those that have gone through the wash a few too many times, will inevitably start to show their age and look rather tired. Consider replacing old towels, bathrobes and even rugs with fresh new versions that embrace the latest colours or pattern trends. Often a contrasting colour scheme can really help add zest and life to a previously uninspiring interior.

Update your mirror cabinet

Storage is always a key requirement of bathrooms, as of course are mirrors. Surfaces cluttered up with too many personal items are unsightly and can make the space feel cramped. Mirrored wall cabinets, an indispensable item that combine the two requirements together, are relatively easy items to replace, often only requiring a few wall screws to secure them safely in place.

Finally to encourage everyone who uses the bathroom to help keep everything clean, tidy and stylish, ask them for their ideas and input too. By involving all members of the family in any changes and design decisions early on, you’re more likely to get ‘buy-in’ and subsequent care later. When you’re done, why not get everyone to agree to doing their bit by sharing the cleaning rota too… after all, everyone appreciates having a nice bathroom!

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