Toilet and basin sets: our bathroom favourites!

Toilets and basins are the absolute essentials of any bathroom, so we’ve decided to make a little bit of a fuss about them. So here’s to you, toilet & basin sets!

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Toilet and Sink Units

We’ve taken the time to pick out some of our favourite bathroom toilets and sink units for you to lay your peepers on. There may even be a little something that we mention that takes your fancy and will turn your bathroom into a stylish haven. We have something for every style, including some impressive contemporary and traditional designs. From small cloakroom toilets and sinks to toilet and basin combination units, no space will go to waste!

Space Saving Toilets and Sinks

Just because you have a space that’s on the smaller side, it definitely doesn’t mean that your options should be just as small. There is a range of toilet and basin combinations that will still allow you to move around in your bathroom, whether that is an en suite or a cloakroom. Pay attention because this is where we introduce our space saving toilets and sinks!


Bali Short Projection Close Coupled Toilet & Wall Hung Basin Set

Our Short Projection Close Coupled Toilet & Wall Hung Basin Set is a classic example that shows that a couple of considerations for your space can make all the difference. Short projection is an example of a space saving toilet as short projection means that it is closer to the wall and doesn’t protrude into your room. This then takes up less floor space – winner! Speaking of floor space, the wall hung basin also allows for the extra space underneath and will also contribute to making your bathroom appear bigger.

Belfort Toilet & 600mm Melbourne Floor Standing Vanity Unit - Earl Grey

Bathroom Toilet and Sink Vanity Units

Why take up room in your bathroom and have a sink separate to a vanity unit? The answer is – you don’t need too! All you need is a small toilet and sink unit. A combined bathroom vanity and sink is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to getting the most out of your bathroom space.

Our Belfort Toilet & 600mm Melbourne Floor Standing Vanity Unit set in Earl Grey is so on trend and oh so gorgeous. Paired with the Belfort toilet (another firm favourite) and all of a sudden, you’ve co-ordinated your whole bathroom with a bathroom vanity unit, basin and toilet.

1167mm Cambridge Clotted Cream Combined Vanity Unit - Belfort Pan

Toilet and Basin Combination Unit

Now we’re talking! This bad boy, (or in professional terms, this combined toilet and basin vanity unit!) has it all. It includes the Belfort toilet, a built in ceramic basin with single taps holes which is perfect for any of our mixer taps.

The traditional design of our Cambridge Clotted Cream Combined Vanity Unit and basin combination speaks for itself – it’s an absolute classic and lends itself to be paired with many other accent colours and textures. This toilet and basin set is great as you can update your bathroom around it without the products becoming outdated!

Lyon II Close Coupled Toilet & Pedestal Basin Set

Compact Toilet and Sinks

There’s lots of options when it comes to choosing a toilet and basin set and you’ve learnt by now that it’s essential to take into account the amount of space you have available to you. But don’t forget, there are’s also lots of toilet and basin sets that you can choose from based on your individual style and taste.

Contemporary bathroom suites are a great choice if you’re wanting to update your bathroom – just take a look at our Lyon II Close Coupled Toilet & Pedestal Basin Set for example. It utilises straight lines and curved edges to form a modern foundation for your bathroom. Proof that compact toilets and sinks don’t have to be limited! Zane Vanity Unit

Trend Inspired Wall Hung Vanity Units

If space isn’t really an issue and you’re just looking for a show-stopper of a basin, feast your eyes on our Zane Vanity Unit. Slick, stylish and sophisticated, it is a staple piece for any urban pad. The walnut effect is bang on trend and subtly adds texture and design to your bathroom. Plus, it also comes complete with a stone basin and matte black waste which is one less thing to think about!

Like what you see?

Now we’ve shown you a little teaser of the toilet and sink units we have to offer you, why not delve a little deeper and find the perfect toilet and basin set for your bathroom?