How Much is Too Much Home Renovation Advice?

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Ecommerce sites, publishers and social media influencers alike are publishing a wealth of help and advice articles around top tips for renovating a home.  In the UK there are over 250 monthly Google searches for ‘How to renovate a house’ with a further 200 average monthly searches for ‘How much does it cost renovate a house’. Online alone, hundreds of people are searching for renovation advice every month.

According to Zoopla’s Cities House Price Index, UK house price growth is at its lowest point since 2012, with asking prices discounted more than they were in 2018 for 80% of cities tracked.  With homes selling for 3.9% less than advertised, a house advertised at the average house price could be set to lose £8845.12 on its asking price, based on The Land Registry’s House Price Index which lists the average UK house price at £226,798 as of March 2019.

In 2017 Zoopla reported that the average person in Britain will only move house every 22.7 years and with a good demand for renovation tips, for those choosing to stay in their home instead of move house, the internet is definitely a popular place to look for advice. However there is an abundance to choose from. In a Google search for ‘How to renovate a house’ 31 million results are displayed.

An interior designer's view


Interior designer Fiona McGee

We spoke to Interior Designer and blogger Fiona McGee about the type of content available online.  Here, she explains that to provide real value to DIY home renovators, top tips aren’t always enough:

Conversations with my followers and other industry experts led me to go one step further than writing advice and inspiration based articles. People don’t need the same information regurgitated in numerous articles again and again, they want something they can actually use to get started. This led me to provide downloadable project and budget planners and I’m now launching an online course covering every aspect of how to renovate a house.

In research we carried out in late 2018 we found that of 1000 respondents 77% said it was important to renovate their bathroom to add value to their property and over half of respondents were planning to renovate at least one bathroom in their home.

We’re working with Fiona to help raise the profile of her online resources. Commenting on why we’ve chosen to offer discounts to people who download Fiona’s how to renovate a house guide, our CMO Helen Gemmell says:

Whilst people who want to move house are perhaps staying put until they’re confident moving is the right choice, it’s great to support experts like Fiona who help people to not just make do, but to love where they live.  Our vision at is to bring joy to the everyday routine and if we can help a number of people to achieve their dream bathroom without necessarily having to move house, we’re helping bring our vision to life.

Fiona McGee’s downloadable how to renovate a house course is available from Friday 7th June and the first ten people to download it will be sent a 10% discount code.