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The Classic
The Hotel Collection
Classic - The Hotel Collection
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Close your eyes - if your ideal bathroom embodies everything traditional, our Classic room set is a homage to all things luxurious and classic. We’ve taken some very traditional products and paired them with gold accessories to inject some drama.

The result? A confident, glamorous accent to a classic style that you can replicate in the comfort of your own home.

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The Golden Touch

The brooding, deep, sea green complements the traditional features perfectly. From the traditional floors and the wooden panelling to the large, sash windows, this boutique bathroom is made for those who dream of Victorian inspired baths and long, lazy soaks.

The Sherbet Spaceship
The Hotel Collection
Sherbet Spaceship - The Hotel Collection
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Inspired by the sweetness of sherbet, our Sherbet Spaceship room set is out of this world! We’ve really gone to space with this design and we think we’ve created a glimpse into the future…

If you’re into your technology, we’ve got just the bathroom for you.

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One cool colour...

The peachy-pink tone softens the futuristic, high tech features without making them appear clinical – which makes it easier to introduce into your own home. Take a closer look at the products and you’ll see that we’ve utilised curved architecture to create that ultramodern, space-ship feel. We’ve also Geometrics to contrast against the smooth, matte finish of the rest of the room set.

The Essentialist
The Hotel Collection
Essentialist - The Hotel Collection
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Tranquil, clean and Scandi-inspired, our Essentialist room set looks as if it had been picked straight out of a Norwegian hotel.

Minimal definitely doesn’t equate to boring – we’ve mixed textures and geometrics alongside a sleek and stylish backdrop.

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Scandi Chic

The wooden panelling warms up the monochrome palette while a touch of greenery adds instant life to the room. Injecting a touch of geometric design through the tiles adds detail which complements the matte black accessories like a match made in heaven.

The Urban Modernist
The Hotel Collection
Urban Modernist - The Hotel Collection
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Urban Modernist is the perfect design for those who are looking to create an industrial inspired bathroom while keeping the element of luxury at the forefront.

Designed as a reaction to the hustle and bustle of Berlin, it’s a space where you can prep for the busy day ahead of you.

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Sleek & simplistic

Clean, precise lines and simple placement creates a masculine ambiance that is versatile enough for anyone to enjoy. We’ve also used rustic materials with a polished finish for that feisty dash of urban character. To tie the whole look together, add a black shower head, tap and black unit handles. The result is smooth, sophisticated and refined… just like you.

The Everyday Eclectic
The Hotel Collection
Everyday Eclectic - The Hotel Collection
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Inspired by the buzzing streets of Copenhagen, we introduce you to the ‘Everyday Eclectic.’ If you embrace the eclectic, you are welcoming a host of inspirations and creating a design unlike anything else.

Eclectic is the art of forming your own style based on what stimulates your senses from a variety of ideas, styles, or tastes.

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When design collides

With that in mind, we have created a design that, as eclectic as it is, will seamlessly complement your ‘everyday’ routine. We’ve merged the two worlds of traditional furniture and contemporary colours to create a stunning hybrid. Pair it with a statement bath tub and you’ve created your own piece of eclectic heaven.

The Modern Glamour
The Hotel Collection
Modern Glamour - The Hotel Collection
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Soft, charming and decadent, our Modern Glamour design is for those who are looking to escape to their bathroom and indulge in some ‘me time’.

Inspired by high end hotels and extravagant designs of the capital of France, we’ve channelled repeated patterns, luxurious finishes and traditional influences.

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Epitome of Parisian luxury

Black and copper are the power couple of colour as they complement each other beautifully so we’ve kept that relationship all the way down to the details. Reinforcing that luxury hotel feel, accessorise with glamourous mirrors, elaborate lighting and some botanical greenery.