How social media has changed design

How social media has changed interior design

Social media is often linked to negative trends: affecting our mental health, giving rise to online trolls, or taking up too much of our time. But we mustn’t overlook how powerful it can be in helping us feel good and making life easier.

Interior design is a great example. There are lots of ways that social media can help us redesign our homes to reflect our personalities, fit our daily lifestyles and give us more joy.

Here are just a few of them…

  1. Inspiration.

    Whether you’re deliberately setting out to get some ideas for your home or garden, or just browsing your favourite Instagrammers’ posts, all kinds of things can grab your interest. It might be something simple like a new lamp or ornament or a new colour scheme – right up to a completely new bedroom style or even an extension to your house! Anything can provide the inspiration for a change.

  2. Identifying our styles.

    Something that social media has made so easy is finding a label for your style. From Scandi-chic to ‘French country’ or minimalist, you can use hashtags to find exactly the right style you love. Once you have a name to describe your taste, you can start to create a consistent design theme throughout your home.

  3. Finding products

    As any well known blogger will tell you, seeing a product in someone’s home is a great way to sell it. On social media like Pinterest and Instagram you can find thousands of examples for whatever you want to search for – whether it’s a new kitchen, a bath tap, rug or garden furniture. Looking at how it fits in with a real home can help you decide which product or style to choose.

  4. Highlighting what’s new

    For those that love to be ahead of the latest trends, social media is essential. When we unveiled the new Japanese-style Shoji shower screen, even we were surprised by the sheer amount of love it received so quickly! And of course, it drove sales. What better way to get the latest trends, than as part of your daily dose of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  5. Saving us money

    Not only can you find all kinds of different options for your home, you can search to match your budget too. Pinterest is a great source of great value ideas for your home. A quick search for ‘bathroom on a budget’ or ‘low cost interior design ideas’ and you’ll find dozens of ways to spice up your home without big price tags. A major boost are ‘get the look for less’ posts where a designer look is replicated with high street brands.

  6. Focus on a single room

    The sheer volume of hashtags out there, from #bathroomsofinstagram to #kitchendesign makes it easy to focus on the room you’re looking to update. You’ll quickly get a sense of what’s on trend in your room of choice – from patterned floor tiles to tropical greenery. At a glance you can view hundreds of real-life homes to help you pick the colours, fittings and details to create your dream room.

  7. Unlimited choice

    In the days before social media, we would have to buy dozens of magazines to give us home improvement ideas – and we’d be at the mercy of the editors’ style decisions. Now we can find almost anything at the tap of a hashtag. The only issue now is knowing when to stop!

  8. Getting creative

    Social media channels can help us with all kinds of do-it-yourself style – even tasks you didn’t know existed. From making your own garden furniture to plumbing in your own bathroom suite, a quick search will find step by step guides and instructional videos on YouTube to do almost anything. Hacks large and small will help you upcycle old furnishings, solve storage dilemmas and give your home a touch of craft.

So when it comes to home style and interior design, we have a lot to thank social media for. It’s easy to take the internet for granted, but perhaps it’s time to appreciate how much we can do and see - for free - every day.