How to bleed a towel or horizontal radiator

We think that this is a great piece of knowledge to have. What’s more impressive than someone who knows their way around a radiator?!

What will I need?

  1. - Vent Key
  2. - Cloth

Step by step instructions

  1. 1. Check the type of boiler and system. Always check prior to starting!
  2. 2. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for filling the system (pretty please!)
  3. 3. Grab a radiator key and engage this on to the air pip.
  4. 4. Place cloth around the air pip to catch excess water.
  5. 5. Turn anticlockwise to release air.
  6. 6. Turn clockwise to close the air pip once water is present.
  7. 7. Following instructions from manual, top up heating as required.


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