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What springs to mind when you think of a modern bathroom? Is it a fresh white bathroom suite with a wall hung toilet, combined sink and toilet vanity unit, waterfall taps and shower heads? Or perhaps wall hung vanity units in a variety of colours, tall mirror cabinets and freestanding baths?

Maybe you’ve even been checking out the latest in black bathrooms, which are as great a choice for modern bathrooms as toasters are to bread! When it comes to black, check out everything from black radiators and black vanity units, to black shower enclosures and even black taps. And whilst we’re talking about black, it’s helpful to know there are lots of shades and styles to choose from – whether you want to inject some solid black tones with matte black taps, showers and radiators, or you’re looking for a hint of black in a frosted black or smoked glass wet room panel.

Take a look through our modern bathrooms and radiators ranges to find stunningly simple modern styles to suit your taste. Another key trend for modern bathrooms is strong lines and frames, so whilst you’re looking, check out our modern take on cross-head taps, super stylish vertical radiators and bevel or copper framed mirrors to see what we mean!

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1 - 24 of 135 products
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