How To Get A Mrs Hinch Style Bathroom

Mrs Hinch – or Sophie Hinchcliffe – is the UK’s leading ‘cleanfluencer’, inspiring almost three million followers to keep on top of the chores and make sure their homes stay spotless.

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Mrs Hinch takes great pride in her home and enjoys housework and home styling. Like most of us, she is particularly partial to making sure her bathrooms are always gleaming and inviting. If you’d like to follow in her footsteps, here are our top six tips to get a Mrs Hinch style bathroom…

Here's how to go about it:

Go grey!

There’s no mistaking the fact that Mrs H loves grey. Every room in her home is almost entirely this shade. It’s chic, understated and massive in bathrooms today. So step one in emulating her style is to go grey – whether it’s by painting your bathroom walls, retiling, replacing your floor or adding new towels or accessories.

If you’re restyling a cloakroom it’s more cost effective than you might think to replace an older sink. Something stylish and contemporary, like this curved wall mounted sink, certainly won’t break the bank.

Tackle your tiles

Sparling clean tiles are essential if you want a Hinch-style home. Wipe them all over with a damp cloth and then polish to a shine with a dry one. You should also scrub your grouting regularly with bleach or a bathroom cleaner to keep staining and mould at bay.

Treat your taps

Your taps and shower or bath fittings need regular attention to be worthy of Mrs Hinch’s approval. Use an anti-limescale bathroom cleaner to prevent any build up of this chalky white stuff, especially if you’re in a hard water area. Then wipe around the sink, bath and shower with a wet cloth – and make sure you clean out the plugholes.

Shiny screens

Glass shower and bath screens can be a pain to keep clean, so use a squeegee after every use to remove the water droplets that can leave marks on the glass. Once a week give them a good going over with a cleaning spray.

For a super low maintenance option, consider an easy clean bath screen. With no tricky edges or seals to deal with, this design will give you a look that Mrs Hinch would admire.

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Toilet tips

Nobody enjoys cleaning their toilets but it’s an important chore! One way to make it easier is to have a short projection toilet – this way there’s no cistern or pipework to clean, making it a speedier job altogether.


Mrs Hinch adds a touch of luxury to her bathroom without over cluttering. Include a few statement items – a candle, bath tray, vase or an attractive mirror – to bring some style to your bathroom space.

It’s so satisfying to turn a messy bathroom into a haven of luxury. Sharing that moment of glory is what’s made Mrs Hinch famous. So, when your space is looking it’s best, show it off online. We love a shiny bathroom: don’t forget to tag @we_are_soak when you do!

Enjoy renovating your bathroom – we’d love to see the results, so please share them with us on our social channels!