How to Keep Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

Starting a bathroom renovation project is always exciting. Our bathrooms are a real focal point of our homes and have a real impact on the pleasure and satisfaction we get from daily life.

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bathroom renovation father with daughter

Looking at interiors blogs, magazines, and social feeds can be really inspiring and feed your desire to achieve a welcoming, relaxing yet highly functional space. 

Sadly, there’s always a danger that our tastes and preferences turn out to be more aspirational than our budgets will allow. All too often a renovation project can cost far more than anticipated, creating debt and stress.

But don’t worry. Overspending is completely avoidable with a bit of planning and research. At we help people create the bathroom of their dreams without going into the red. Here are our tips to keep bathroom renovation costs down…

Planning your bathroom layout 

It will save you a lot of money if you stick broadly to the same bathroom layout. Keeping a bath, shower or sink where it is will mean less plumbing work and lower costs. Toilets particularly can be expensive to reposition. 

Does everything need replacing?

Often people choose to replace everything in the bathroom – but it’s not always necessary. Consider whether you really need a new sink or bath. Could replacing the taps achieve the look you’re going for? Or, perhaps you can keep hold of your existing taps and re-use them with a new bathroom suite?

Wall hung or freestanding units?

Bear in mind that wall-hung sinks and toilets will need pipework to be installed within your wall. Speak to your plumber about the costs involved before deciding. It could prove more economical to install a freestanding item instead.

Shop showers

Shop around for luxury items

A walk-in shower enclosure or a roll top bath are often the focal point of a bathroom renovation – creating a sense of luxury and glamour. Do bear in mind that the prices of these items can vary enormously. Spending time comparing the options can deliver big savings, with little obvious difference in quality. For example, adding a frameless shower panel could be a really cost effective way to transform your room. Keep an eye out too for special offers and discounts – often has amazing deals. 

Tiling tips

The right tiles play a big role in creating your ideal space. Again, these can vary a lot in cost – so keep an eye on the price per square metre and watch out for bargains. Large tiles can be quicker to fit and may save money overall as you’ll need fewer of them.

Picking a plumber

One of the big costs in a bathroom renovation is your plumber. Don’t just accept the first quote you’re offered  - get a few. And do think about whether you have any friends or family that might be able to help with tiling, painting or flooring, to save money wherever you can.

Do it yourself! 

Many bathroom fitting jobs are less complicated than you might think – and there’s a wealth of help and information online. Check out the site for helpful videos such as this one on how to install a basin mixer tap. 

It's interesting to know the cost of being a homeowner and important you plan this into your budget to ensure you're not stretching yourself too much. The average bathroom renovation costs around £4,000, but you can create a great bathroom space for a fraction of that cost.

Enjoy your project!