Bathroom Renovation For a Small Space

Renovating a bathroom can be a really satisfying project. We all have our preferences when it comes to bathrooms, and it’s very rewarding to turn a space into something that brings you daily joy.

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bathroom renovation father with daughter

Smaller bathrooms can be a particularly fun challenge. Size really doesn’t matter in a bathroom as long as you’re clever about where you put everything!

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of a small space, whether it’s a downstairs cloakroom, an en-suite or a cosy family bathroom.

Plan a small bathroom renovation carefully

In a small bathroom, planning is everything. The ultimate aim is to create space, so that you can do everything you need to do without having to duck, edge yourself round fittings or knock things over.

Use squared paper to work out the maximum dimensions of everything that you’ll need in the room, and always check the measurements of bathroom items before you buy them.

Seek inspiration for your bathroom renovation

The internet makes it so easy to get ideas, and there are lots of space saving hacks you can discover. Take a look at other people’s small bathroom renovations on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as interior design blogs. We have a page of small bathroom ideas on too. There’s no shame in stealing other people’s ideas!

Look at combined toilet and sink units

Combined toilet and sink units are a space-saving boon. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit most areas, and cleverly introduce useful storage space. You’ll find styles and colours to match your taste perfectly.

Radiators for small bathrooms

In a small bathroom you don’t want to use up valuable wall space with a big, clunky radiator. These days it’s easy to find small, stylish yet efficient radiators at very reasonable prices – take a look at our dedicated page of radiators for small rooms.

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Wall hung bathroom units create a sense of space

The larger your visible floor space, the bigger the room seems, which is why wall hung bathroom vanity units have become so popular. They combine an attractive and functional sink with storage space, while maintaining the clean lines of your flooring.

Look into space saving solutions

In a smaller space it’s more important than ever to keep things tidy. A cluttered bathroom makes it harder to find things and can spoil the look of the room. So make sure you plan storage into the space. Add a mirrored cabinet to hide away toothbrushes and cosmetics, and add floating shelves with boxes and baskets to store other products and cleaning materials.

Design – less can be more!

While some people set out to create a real ‘statement bathroom’ with very bold colours or prints, most of us aim for a more neutral look. You can then add pops of colour with your furnishings: towels, blinds and storage items. That way it’s cheap to restyle your small bathroom in a year or two by replacing these items, rather than re-tiling or buying new bathroom furniture.

Enjoy renovating your small bathroom – we’d love to see the results, so please share them with us on our social channels!