Smart heating for your home

Introducing Mill Heat Wi-Fi controlled heating

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Smart heating, by anyone’s standards, is pretty impressive – and at, we’re happy to have added some equally as impressive designs to our portfolio.

What is Smart Heating?

So, what is so smart about smart heating? Well, it’s basically heating as you know it but thrown straight into the 21st century. Smart heating is used within your home but is automatic and/or controlled by you. In simple terms, it’s responsible for controlling the heating in your home and it’s becoming increasingly more prominent and popular across all types of households today. Busy lifestyles create busy people so who doesn’t love the idea of one less thing to think about? With Smart heating, your home is always prepped to your preferences, creating an easy way to arrive home to exactly what you need.

WIFI Enabled Radiators

Mill Heat Radiators



Introducing Mill Heat Radiators

Founded in Norway in 1992 by Cato Bryn and his son Phillip, Mill Heat have reinvented the design and performance of heaters with their signature Norwegian aesthetic and advanced Mill Heat technology.

Mill Heat believe customers should have more style to choose from other than typical traditional heaters. Mill Heat offers revolutionary, innovative Norwegian designs to keep you warm with style.



Wi-Fi enabled heating

The heaters are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can control them with the Mill Heat app from your mobile wherever you are! The app allows complete flexibility via its three customisable modes- Comfort, Sleep and Away. Depending on your preference you can override the set programs for the whole house, a specific room or a specific heater, and you can turn on vacation mode when you’re on holiday. The app will automatically increase the temperature before you get home to welcome you back!

Smart Heating App
Heating App
Mill Heat Phone App

For all you need to know about these innovative heaters, this little video explains it all...

So there you have it - has smart heating got you so hot under the collar you need to dial it down a bit? Head on over to have a look at these scorching new products. You'll thank us later.

Get Smart!