Top Bathroom Products On A Budget

Thinking about renovating your bathroom but worried it will cost the world? Or have you started planning how your dream bathroom will look and quickly realised it’s out of your budget? Don’t worry –our top tips are here to help get you started.

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We’ve put together a range of our best low cost bathroom products which are guaranteed to make a big difference to your bathroom and not your bank account. So, before you plug your plans for a stylish renovation, see if our pearls of wisdom get your ideas flowing all over again.

Low cost baths

Whether you’re a fan of traditional baths, shower baths or freestanding baths we’ve got plenty of low cost options to choose from. Take our large Denver back to wall bath for example – it gives you the luxury feel of a freestanding bath with the convenience (and low cost) of a back to wall bath.

The Denver is also a great example of where cost savings don’t mean a compromise on style or sturdiness. Super durable and made of high quality gloss acrylic, a bath like this will easily achieve a designer bathroom look without a hefty price tag.

Low cost modern showers

When it comes to bathroom trends, black bathrooms are in and here to stay. So, if you’re looking for a showstopper, a black shower is the ideal way to transform your plain bathroom into a super modern black, monochrome or contrasting coloured bathroom.

Our matte black square exposed shower set has everything you need to change your shower on a budget, including a square shower head, shower valves and a modern handheld shower head with hose – all beautifully black! Another plus point is this shower is as well built as it is bold. Made of stainless steel and brass coated in a matte black finish, this shower comes with a 10-year warranty too, so you can guarantee it will withstand your best (or worst) singing voice whether you’re doing a Mariah or a Madge. Using the hand-held shower head as a microphone is optional…

Low cost shower enclosures

From quadrant to frameless, sliding to bi-fold, the options are endless when it comes to shower enclosures and cubicles available – including high quality, low cost versions of each.

A great example of how to install a brand spanking new shower on a budget is to incorporate a sliding shower door. Without compromising on space, they are easy to manouevure and the perfect option for a smaller bathroom. Take our 1000mm frameless sliding shower door for example – it’s great for any sized bathroom and with 10mm premium shower glass thickness, its ideal for heavy use too!

If you’re not already a fan, we have more good news – you can save time as well as money with this innovative shower screen, because cleaning time is seriously cut down thanks to our EasyClean screen. It really helps to make this shower screen quick and easy to clean, so you can spend more time soaking and less time scrubbing.

Low cost bathroom radiators

Gone are the days that bathroom radiators are considered a basic, functional item because there are such a variety of styles to choose from. To kick-start your budget bathroom heating ideas, check out anthracite towel radiators. Their stylish grey finish can add a great focal point which contrasts beautifully with pretty much any bathroom design and there are plenty of anthracite radiators to choose from.

Speaking of choice, there are many radiator sizes to choose from. Take our anthracite ladder towel radiator for example – it’s long enough for lots of towels but its size doesn’t impact your budget. Similarly, if grey isn’t your thing how about white, chrome or a traditional radiator with towel rail? If you choose a stylish bathroom radiator it will completely transform your space, for far less than you may think.

Top tip: if you’re not sure what size radiator you need, a visit to our BTU calculator will tell you how much heat you need to make your bathroom comfy and cosy.

Low cost bathroom storage

If you’re looking for just one thing to make a big difference in your bathroom, you should invest some of your budget in a vanity unit. They don’t always have to match (although we have so many options, you can match if you want to) and you can choose from super small vanity units for small bathrooms to luxurious double sink vanity units for bigger spaces.

Why do vanity units make such a great difference to a bathroom?

• You can utilise the space beneath your sink: if you don’t already have under sink storage in your bathroom, combining your basin with a vanity unit makes the best use of space as well as adding a gorgeous focal point

• Space saving: once all your bathroom accessories are tidied neatly away, you’ll have a more spacious feeling room

• Easy to clean: without bottles and pots cluttering up your bathroom surfaces, cleaning your bathroom is quick, easy and fuss-free

A vanity unit like our Trent gloss white basin cabinet will achieve all the above. Bathroom too small? If you think you won’t find a vanity unit to fit, we can almost guarantee you will – we even have tiny vanity units like the stylish standout Melbourne earl grey cloakroom vanity unit. It’s petite yet packs a punch when it comes to storage space.

Shop bathrooms by budget

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