LED Mirror Lumens - What Are They & Why Do I Need Them?

If you’re after a bathroom mirror with lights or a vanity mirror with lights, it’s important to know how many lumens you’ll need to light up your space – come and find out why (and what!)

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What is a Lumen? Lumen Definition…

You may be thinking, b-lumen heck, watt is a lumen? A lumen is the term used to describe the measurement of light that is emitted by a source. This source usually refers to an LED, Halogen or Fluorescent product – it’s basically a fancy term for ‘brightness!’ More lumens equals a brighter light and less lumens means the light source will be dimmer – got it?

Watt is the Difference between a Watt and a Lumen?

A watt is the measurement of how much energy a lightbulb uses, whereas a lumen is the measurement of how much light the bulb gives out.

How Bright is 100 Lumens?

So if we’re asking the question - how bright is 100 lumens? The answer would be – very dim! Think of it this way, a standard 100-watt light bulb produces about 1,500 – 1,700 lumens so you’d need a lot more than 100 lumens to equal a standard light bulb.

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Why are Lumens Important?

It’s important to know how lumens work when it comes to choosing the lights in your home – especially when it refers to items such as the light up mirror in your bathroom. For example, lumens apply to bathroom mirrors with lights, vanity mirrors with lights and illuminated makeup mirrors too. You don’t want to have a room that is too bright by using too many lumens, or too dim by not using enough – think of Goldilocks and her porridge all over again!

Lumens and Light up Mirrors

Now, when it comes to bathroom products and lumens, we think a bit differently about their uses. If you’re lighting a living room, you’re going to need a lot more lumens than if you were lighting your standard bathroom. Plus, a lot of our mirrors have LED mirror lights so our main focus on lumens is surrounding (literally) the cosmetic use of a light up mirror. We’re not just speaking for ourselves when we say we don’t fancy a light up mirror that is as bright as the light in our kitchen… so we tend to deal with dimmer lumens. After all, your illuminated makeup mirror shouldn’t be blinding you at 7am in the morning!

For example, our Denver Illuminated LED Mirror & Bluetooth Speaker has a measurement of 856 lumens – not enough to light a whole room, but definitely the perfect balance of light to illuminate your face. This is perfect for applying makeup and will be kind on those early morning eyes. It’s also gentle enough, but powerful enough, to use on those tired night time eyes too!

If you’re looking to make use of lumens to create a feature in your bathroom, our Celestial Designer Illuminated LED Mirror is a bit brighter than the Denver Illuminated LED Mirror with a measurement of 1008 lumens. The LED light actually increases the brightness in your room and creates the illusion of space - all at a fraction of energy your traditional bathroom light would otherwise consume. Plus, it looks pretty impressive too, right?!


Watt light up mirrors do you guys sell?

We’ve got a pretty fab range (if we do say so ourselves) of bathroom mirrors with lights and vanity mirror with lights, so dependent on what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that will light up your bathroom in an instant.

Well, now you’ve learnt something new! Go and impress someone with your new found knowledge…